Personal Care and Non-Toxic Beauty Care On A Budget

Personal care and non-toxic beauty care is an important matter. It’s a common habit to check packaging and labels before buying food. After all, we need to be careful about what we’re putting inside our body. However, do you apply the same carefulness when selecting your beauty products?

From your hair products, soaps to perfumes, lotions, and cosmetics, a majority of products you use on your skin can disrupt your hormones, cause cancer, and even more damage than we can describe in a post.

Hence, there can be no understating the importance of personal care and also non-toxic beauty care.

Care for Yourself Without Toxic Products

Along with being the largest organ of the human body, the skin is also a part of the microbiome and closely ties our gut. Hence, skin health, brain and emotional health, and gut health go hand in hand. You may be highly conscious of what you eat already, but we consider it our responsibility to enlighten you on the importance of clean skincare and beauty too.

By now, it is common knowledge how a majority of cosmetic and beauty products contain dangerous toxins. These can do immeasurable damage to our skin and health in the long run. It is utterly important to measure each product you purchase with the Environmental Working Group database.

Personal care and beauty care products from over-the-counter come with more than ten thousand unique ingredients, many of which we recognize as endocrine disruptors, hormone disruptors, carcinogens, toxins, and tons more.

You can look up several studies that prove how phthalates interfere with natural reproductive functions. You will find legions of beauty products containing phthalates. Even the fragrance that we deem as an innocent ingredient has several harmful yet hidden agents.

It is thus, high time for all of us to truly start caring for our skin and our health. To do that, our very first step must include converting to a wholly clean personal care and non-toxic beauty care regime.

A Clean Self-Care Regime

For starters, a clean self-care regime includes only those products that are for us and our environment. The products must enhance environmental and human health, use a non-toxic element as their foundation, and contain plant-based ingredients to produce healthy and positive results.

Hence, it would be best to build a routine that resembles your clean eating project. Just as you strive to reject and avoid processed foods and opt for the plant-based, nourishing items, similarly, you must use products that improve your skin and health. The clean, self-care beauty products must contain vital antioxidants and vitamins to build your digestive and immune system while staying true to a lean and non-toxic skincare routine.

Opt for Green Products

Green products do not harm the environment, come in biodegradable packaging, have a reef-safe sunscreen, and are truly beneficial for our overall health. In general, non-toxic beauty products must come from the planet’s resources. Some even refer to these as organic products, while we describe them as natural products.

These come with an official seal of USDA Organic and contain 95% of organic ingredients. Along with being organic, you must also lay great emphasis on the product not containing any toxin within and will not subject your skin and body to known and unknown diseases shortly.

How to Make the Switch to a Clean Beauty Regime

We know that throwing all your expensive branded products in one fell swoop into the garbage is going to be painful.

However, taking slow steps to convert to a wholly clean self-care routine is the best way to do it. You can begin by opting for natural products from brands you recognize. Perhaps you can start by purchasing a wholly organic moisturizer, using pure oils like olive, avocado, or coconut oils rather than fancy branded lotions. As you begin getting the hang of the natural products and enjoying the positive results, you can start swapping all your toxic products for the safer ones.

Non-Toxic Beauty on a Budget Video

Finding nontoxic makeup on a budget can be overwhelming. Today this video is hoping to make the search for clean, affordable makeup less stressful for you!

Final Thoughts On Personal Care and Non-Toxic Beauty

Personal care and non-toxic beauty are sure ways of maximizing your skin and body health. When you stop using toxic products entirely and switch to the wholly natural ones, you protect your skin and bodies from toxins like parabens, phthalates, fragrance, talc, and thousands more. With such a transitioning, you will soon experience good health, a sound respiratory, hormonal, and immune system, and glowing and supple skin for life.

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Personal Care and Non-Toxic Beauty Care on a Budget

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