Why is Makeup Becoming More Natural

Why is Makeup Becoming More Natural?

Why is Makeup Becoming More Natural? Non-organic brands are modifying their formulations to introduce natural products. Read on to find out why and how the makeup industry is changing.

Why is Makeup Becoming More Natural?

More often, people focus on what they put inside their bodies as opposed to on it. From specialized diets to weight loss programs, individuals emphasize consumption to the degree that they forget to check what they put on their bodies.

Do you know about the ingredients inside your beauty products and cosmetics? In fact, a majority of people apply makeup products featuring lead, aluminum, coal tar dyes, and whatnot.

Fortunately, brands are changing their ways to adopt safer and more natural formulations for consumers.

The new generation welcomes a more natural look, something they refer to as ‘enhancement makeup.’ This style means lightweight and blendable products accentuating your natural beauty.

With a subtle blush, lightweight foundation, and hint of mascara, your look will be complete. However, you may be wondering why and how makeup is starting to lean towards a natural and toned-down look.

Below we discuss exactly that!

The Sudden Change in the Beauty Industry

An in-depth study held by Marc Rey from Shiseido Americas shows that in 2016, traditional makeup brands went down to a staggering 1.3%. At the same time, independent brands reached 42.7%. This survey results implied that independent brands were experiencing sudden growth because of different consumer tastes.

Today, the beauty industry boasts natural materials in most of their cosmetic products. It is majorly because of synthetic materials’ negative effects on the environment and health. The sudden increase in popularity means marketing trends are leaning towards natural solutions.

The Rise of Natural Beauty Industry

Substantial amounts of chemicals your traditional makeup include are hazardous and dangerous, especially to your endocrine system. In fact, the parabens and phthalates of your non-organic cosmetics are known to cause cancer, type II diabetes, and infertility.

Add that with the plethora of unknown products yet to be sufficiently tested, and you’ve got your hands on super harmful products.

Nowadays, your top conventional brands are experiencing a backlash against their hurtful products. Current generations demand answers explaining exactly what products are included and whether each cosmetic is eco-friendly or not.

The result is all your favorite non-organic brands turning towards crafting luxurious, environmentally friendly, and high-quality products. Rejuvenate your skin by enjoying non-toxic ingredients in natural brands.

Introducing Eco-friendly Products

The thing about makeup becoming more natural is that it doesn’t only target your physical health. Instead, it strives to facilitate the environment to ensure a safe and green planet for animals.

Switching to green makeup brands ensures the cosmetics you apply don’t degrade the environment.

Previously beauty organizations would utilize microbeads in shower scrubs, exfoliating masks, and so on. It led to the historical reporting of eight trillion microbeads washing on waterways per day. At that time, the President, Barack Obama, then signed a bill that ensured a ban on small plastics. It’s the ideal example of how the beauty industry transformed to prioritizing the environment.

Say Hello to a Younger Skin

The harmful chemicals inside your conventional makeup products not only damage your insides but majorly harms your skin as well. Apart from breakouts and wrinkles, the chemicals may cause premature aging.

Moreover, they expedite oxidative damage by layering your skin in rough chemicals. It leads to a limitation of oxygen on your skin. You are replacing traditional makeup cosmetics with natural beauty products that boast organic ingredients.

These products ensure your skin’s radiance remains intact and that you keep glowing. Typically, these include necessary vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that nourish your skin.

Non-Toxic Natural Beauty

Non-toxic and natural beauty products may contain necessary minerals that offer protection against the natural sun. Not to mention, a wide variety of them also include vitamin C that limits the harmful effects of UV lights. Natural makeup cosmetics allow you to enjoy considerable SPF coverage.

On the flip side, aging skin usually becomes more sensitive because of the accumulation of dirt and cells. Thus, using conventional cosmetics that include copious amounts of chemicals leads to horrible rashes, redness, and increased irritation.

However, natural cosmetics and their healthy organic products soothe any irritation you may be experiencing. Plus, it allows your skin to look healthier and fresher.

The Takeaway

Overall, the beauty industry is shifting to natural makeup that boosts both your health and that of the planet. The newer generations understand the beauty of embracing your natural complexion and look. It’s time to rock your natural look!

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