Nontoxic Makeup is the Best for Your Skin

7 Reasons Switching to Nontoxic Makeup is the Best for Your Skin

Why is switching to nontoxic makeup is the best for your skin? Makeup products play a crucial role in every woman’s life. Rarely do girls find the courage to step out without slathering their faces and hair with numerous chemical-infused products.

Nowadays, however, makeup enthusiasts are speaking up against the use of parabens in products. Women are joining in on the hype, claiming that parabens are endocrine disruptors.

This is particularly terrifying because puberty is when people start adopting makeup products, but it’s also when the endocrine system activates.

Is Makeup Harming Us?

Let’s break down the reasons to convince you how you’re destroying your skin and health. The icky ingredients do more than damage your skin – they have the potential to give you chronic and fatal diseases with persistent use.

Let’s look at some reasons to be cautious of below:

1. The European Union declared 1,300 harmful chemicals unsafe for human use. The U.S bans only eleven of them. Imagine what evils you are subjecting yourself to with your makeup products.

2. Currently, over ten thousand harmful chemicals exist in thousands of beauty products. Out of those, experts have only tested ten percent for human health and safety. You can figure the rest

3. More than 95% of your favorite lipsticks contain aluminum, chromium, cadmium and lead, and several harmful metals. You can guess the average of seven pounds of toxic lipstick you will be using in a lifetime.

Now that you know what harmful ingredients some of the most popular makeup products contain, it’s easy to understand how much your skin suffers. Please understand how these products only give you artificial glow and radiance but deep down, you’re falling victim to unspeakable hazards.

How Your Skin is Better Off without Nontoxic Beauty Products

Being creatures of habit, we do find it nearly impossible to break from our beauty regimes. Even when we’re trying to convert to clean beauty routines, we may unconsciously reach our favorite mascara or foundation in the market aisles.

We can’t blame you, but the stark reality remains that we can no longer trust beauty brands and cosmetic companies. You can never fully guess the number of dangerous toxins that come in disguise in your favorite blush, lipsticks, nail paints, concealers, and foundations, etc.

Why Picking Nontoxic Makeup is the Best for Your Skin?

Let’s give you a rundown of what harms you save your skin from when avoiding toxic makeup products:

1. Nontoxic makeup products mean your skin will be safe from parabens. These can disrupt your sensitive hormonal balance, cause breast cancer and fertility and reproductive issues too.

2. Phthalates can stick to your skin from toxic makeup products. They can cause congenital disabilities and also be endocrine disruptors.

3. Fragrance might not scare you, but it is a secret ingredient most brands don’t reveal. However, it can cause allergies on the skin, respiratory problems, disturb hormones, cause infertility, etc.

4. SLES and SLS trigger multiple allergies, including skin irritation.

5. The BHT absorbs into your skin, disrupts hormones, and also causes liver damage.

6. Retinol and retinyl palmitate produces skin tumors topically and damages DNA when you consume them.

7. Formaldehyde in cosmetics causes neurotoxicity, asthma, and developmental toxicity.

These are just some of the menaces you will save your skin from by switching to nontoxic and clean makeup products.

In truth, we believe that nontoxic makeup shouldn’t be a matter of opinion anymore. It is high time to consider it a necessity, considering how numerous scientific studies confirm cosmetic ingredients are dangerous for human health.

Non Toxic Products- What they are

When we talk about nontoxic makeup products, we don’t think there is a universal definition for it at all. Much like the words “green” and “natural”, the criteria for clean and nontoxic makeup is simple.

  • Products that are safe and beneficial for human use and have scientific backing for their safety are nontoxic.
  • Products that provide a transparent and clear list of their ingredients are nontoxic. If they’re not hiding the truth from their customers, they’re safe enough to use.

Clean Beauty vs Natural Beauty Video: A Quick Explanation

Clean beauty and natural or organic beauty are not the same thing. They’re very different!

Final Thoughts

It is evident how toxic makeup products can lead to disastrous health complications. From cancers and skin tumors to hormonal problems, there is no end to the harm that most cosmetic and beauty products cause. The ideal and safest option is to secure your skin by switching to clean and toxin-free products for life.

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7 Reasons Switching to Nontoxic Makeup is the Best for Your Skin

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